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The Old Buzzards radio club welcomes check-in from any duly licensed amateur radio operator of General class and above. The net calls for check-ins Monday through Friday, at 9:30am eastern, on 3.905 mhz, LSB; and on Saturdays on 3.904 mhz. Membership to the Old Buzzards is free.

Twice a year the Old Buzzards "fly in" for a club meeting and meal at various locations around central Pennsylvania. This year's Spring fly-in was at the Shady Maple Shmorgasbord resturaunt located in New Holland, Pa.

You can also follow the Old Buzzards on Facebook.

Send your questions and suggestions for the Old Buzzards website to Sam, KB3DNZ. If you would like to become a member of the Old Buzzards Radio Club, send your request for information and an application to Roy, W3TKR, our secretary.

We invite you to join us and look forward to meeting you on the air!

Net Control Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
W3GHO - Jerry
KB3EGL - Keith
W3TKR - Roy
N3JOS - Dick
N3GRH - David

Saturday (3.904 mhz)

W3PFC - Paul








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